Monday, March 22, 2010

A Narrative Critique on one Afro-Asian story: Count not your chickens before they be hatched

This old fable is an adage which broadly means: Don’t act as though you have something before you actually have it. It can be used to refer to any number of things from physical objects to events that have not yet come to pass. An example might best illustrate when the phrase would be used. Let’s say a person applies for a job with a high-salary and finds out he has been hired. He immediately go out and buy a new car, even though he doesn’t currently have the money to afford it. At this point, it might be appropriate to tell him, “Count not your chickens before they be hatched”. This is because he doesn’t actually have the money; He’s just relying on something that hasn’t yet come to pass. This fable is very applicable in everyone’s life. We could get moral lesson from it. These story meant to illustrate a single point and often ending with a one-line adage. “Count not your chickens before they be hatched”.

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